March 26, 2013

Here at Alexander Haas, we communicate to our clients how important it is to keep in mind how important it is to view their case for support “from the donor’s perspective.”

Atlanta Dropping on List of Most Charitable Cities

While Atlanta has ranked in recent years among the top 5 most charitable communities, a late 2012 study by Charity Navigator ranked Atlanta 21st among cities whose charities are rated for financial health, accountability and transparency.

Is It Development or Fundraising?

Development, in our vocabulary, is a process of “developing” relationships between people and an organization. Fundraising, on the other hand, is really a process of asking people for money.

A Complicated Season of Giving

As most of you know, more charitable donations are made during November and December than in the preceding 10 months. However, 2012 presents some real challenges in determining when and how much to give, especially for those in the top tax bracket.

Campaigns & Strategic Planning

A successsful campaign is built upon a compelling case for support. We are often called upon to help clients craft a case when they are in the initial stages of contemplating a campaign.