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6 Solicitation Statements That Should Never Have Been Uttered

But unfortunately, they were.  Be sure to avoid solicitation statements like these, or you’ll end up with nothing! 1.  I’m so very, very sorry to call you about the annual giving campaign for Upper Crust High. Many years back I volunteered to assist my children’s school with their parent phonathon. Much to my surprise, the… Read more »

Is a Phonathon a Thing of the Past?

Last week, I received no less than 5 calls on my cell phone from a phone number I did not recognize…and, thus, did not answer! Like many Americans, I no longer have a “land line” and rely on my smartphone for my calls. I did recognize the area code and know that the call was… Read more »

That’s the Way the Pigskin Bounces: Football Season Fundraising

Many of the organizations we work with are colleges and universities, and many of these play intercollegiate football at some level.  Several of our current clients are prominent NCAA FBS schools. In fact, 5 of the AP top 10 are current or former clients of Alexander Haas. So what, you ask.  I thought this was… Read more »

A Very Bored Board: Managing Expectations

In his post last week, our friend Jim Paglia discussed his experience and work with nonprofit boards. As I reflected on his words of wisdom, I began to review an assessment we recently wrote for a client, and was shocked by some of the findings! Why? Let’s take a look at their board’s statistics:

I’m A Volunteer; You Can’t Make Me Do Anything

The headline of this article is an expression I’ve used for over thirty years. Relying on volunteers can lead to misunderstanding, sluggish performance, disappointment, and oftentimes, negative outcomes. Or, volunteers can be the measure that propels a nonprofit organization to its greatest success. In my travels, I meet Executive Directors and CEOs of nonprofits on… Read more »

Four Factors for a Successful Leadership Annual Giving Program

I recently wrote an article for our TEAM newsletter that outlined the benefits of a well-conceived leadership annual giving program. There are several elements to be considered that will ensure those benefits are realized.  This is an important factor in attracting, renewing, and upgrading your donors. Through my experience with our clients and as a… Read more »

What the Heck is Donor Fatigue?

In recent months we’ve been asked dozens of times by reporters, clients and volunteer leaders about phenomenon of “donor fatigue”. This theory espouses that there are so many fundraising projects underway that donors are stretched to capacity and can no longer support them all.  In essence, that donors are “worn out” from too much giving… Read more »

The CEO and Fundraising: Lessons from a Pro

For more than three decades, Michael Adams, now President Emeritus at the University of Georgia in Athens, has practiced the art and craft of fundraising on a near daily basis (weekends included). By the time that Adams turned over the UGA Presidency in June to his successor Jere Morehead, his fundraising accomplishments could fill a… Read more »

Five Principles to Keep in Mind When Running a Hospital Foundation

According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, 77% of healthcare CEOs name financial challenges as their number one concern. With ever-tightening margins from operations and investments, increasing debt, and healthcare reform, private philanthropy remains an attractive option to supplement capital expenditures, special projects, healthcare initiatives or general operations. Hospital foundations have existed for many… Read more »

Effective Fundraising

Last month, Michael Chatman, maverick philanthropist and host of the Michael Chatman Giving Show, released his second annual list of “America’s Top 40 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants.” Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King, made the list as the only consultant in the top 20 based in the south. I had the opportunity to speak… Read more »