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Insights and Outcomes

I have a good friend named Jim Paglia who owns a marketing and branding company called In’s and Out’s. The odd name stands for “insights and outcomes,” which is what Jim prides himself on achieving for his clients – and he does. But recently, I’ve been thinking about those two words in a different context:… Read more »

Challenges in Philanthropy

Recently, I was asked what the “silver bullet” was  to help an organization reach its goal. Used as a metaphor for an effective single solution (and not as the image of The Lone Ranger’s calling card!), searching for a silver bullet for challenges in philanthropy is almost a pipe dream in today’s world. I hear… Read more »

Corporate Giving Today

A successful fundraising plan should contain strategies for all areas of giving. In recent years, corporate giving has become more prominent, and nonprofits can reap the benefits of a growing corporate philanthropic culture. It definitely is an important area that can’t be overlooked. Companies now have larger budgets for philanthropy than in the past, and… Read more »

Passionate Philanthropy

A wordsmith might argue that passionate philanthropy is redundant. After all, isn’t philanthropy in its essence the ‘love of humankind’ and isn’t ‘love’ a passion? Nevertheless, all of us have probably seen or heard a case for giving delivered dispassionately. Sometimes the case is so compelling that it survives the dry delivery of the message.… Read more »

How to Make Philanthropy Count

A frequent dilemma faced by Presidents and Chancellors in American higher education is how they can use the role of philanthropy to meet financial challenges. We were recently asked by some board members for suggestions for how to make philanthropy count. The easiest way, of course, is to increase the budget support for advancement, but… Read more »

Leadership Annual Giving: A Key Element for Development Success

By Arthur Criscillis In most organizations, a tremendous amount of time and attention is devoted to principal, major and planned giving programs.  Why? Because they tend to generate gifts with the greatest impact on colleges and universities – in addition to fueling high campaign goals. However, because of the focus on major and planned giving… Read more »

Closing Major Gifts: How to Seal the Deal

By Nancy Peterman Closing major gifts can be a challenge. We’ve all worked with donors who, for various reasons, just don’t take that final step and put their signature to paper.  After a lot of hard work and activities designed specifically to yield well-received solicitations, the frustration of not being able to include a major… Read more »