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Be a Part of an Important Fundraising Survey

News reports keep stressing that the economy is improving. Giving USA says giving to charity is rising. But how do YOU feel? Are things improving at your organization? You have a voice and should be a part of the Nonprofit Fundraising Survey, an important examination of fundraising being conducted by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative. We… Read more »

A Look at the Nonprofit Research Collaborative

Answered questions. What if…you could find out which fundraising methods were working in organizations like yours?  Are events up or down? What about direct mail? Should you invest in more proposals to corporations or invest in web site development?  These are real questions affecting nonprofit organizations of all types in the U.S. and Canada daily.… Read more »

Three Points to Hammer Home

By Jerry Henry, Partner “For many that rely on philanthropy…this is not just a tough year. This is going to be a tough era.” –Patrick Rooney, Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University “Ugh! What’s our organization supposed to do?” one client asked dejectedly upon reading the statement above in a recent publication based on the… Read more »

What the Futures Hold

I’ve just returned from the Giving Institute Summer Symposium where there was a fascinating discussion about the future of the nonprofit sector lead by Dr. Paul C. Light – whose career includes service as a professor at New York University, a fellow of the Brookings Institute and a director at the Pew Charitable Trust. The discussion centered around Paul’s… Read more »

Keeping Things in Perspective

Last week the Georgia Center for Nonprofits released the results of a survey that indicated that 25 percent of nonprofit organizations in Atlanta reported that donations were down in the first half of 2009.  While that is certainly not good news for the sector and clearly there are organizations who are struggling to meet their budgeted… Read more »