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Healthcare Fundraising Tips: 3 Essentials of Grateful Patient Programs

3 Essentials of Grateful Patient Programs

How do you effectively communicate the need for funding in a way that motivates donors to contribute?

One of the most natural methods, and the one that often yields the best return, involves tapping into patients who have received services from your hospital and are pleased with the care.

Impact Global: How Global Health Transforms Communities with Maria Thacker Goethe

Impact Global: How Global Health Transforms Communities with Maria Thacker Goethe

The impact of global health stretches far and wide, reaching communities locally and globally. Maria Thacker Goethe, Executive Director of Georgia Global Health Alliance joins Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King to discuss this initiative along with other insights including tips for running a successful nonprofit and how to build meaningful relationships with donors.… Read more »

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Team Member Spotlight: Nancy Peterman

Nancy E. Peterman, Partner at Alexander Haas assists universities, schools, healthcare, arts and cultural institutions and human service organizations to achieve results and pursue their missions. In this month’s Team Member Spotlight, Nancy shares her start in nonprofit fundraising, what she loves most about her job and how a recent project changed her perspective.

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The Growth of Grateful Patient Programs

In health care, development leaders and teams can’t depend on a winning football team or wealthy alumni to create a natural pipeline for ongoing philanthropic support. Organizations are turning to, and in many cases increasing fundraising efforts around, “grateful patients”.

Healthcare Fundraising Campaigns | Health and Human Services Capital Campaigns

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