Healthcare Philanthropy is Evolving Away from Hospitals

The healthcare industry is changing dramatically. Traditionally, funds were raised to build large hospital buildings, acquire specialized equipment, and ensure proper and enhanced staffing with the expectation that everyone would eventually come to the hospital to receive care. With rapidly emerging technology, increased access, and sweeping changes to healthcare costs reimbursement models, healthcare institutions recognizeRead More Healthcare Philanthropy is Evolving Away from Hospitals

Are Annual Gifts a Thing of the Past?

Earlier this year we talked about the possible impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) on charitable giving. The “bumpy road” we suggested then seems to be even more uncertain now – thanks, in-part, to some accounting world advice.

Best of the Web: Software Replacement

This post will not discuss specific vendors or products. No doubt you already know what I am talking about simply because you are hearing from your current vendor. Rather, I want to focus on whether you need to change at all.

Potential Impact of the Tax Proposal on Nonprofits

Tax reform legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives with potentially significant implications for the not-for-profit sector, particularly higher education, and especially major college athletic programs.

The Rebuilding of an Advancement Program

Converse College is a delightful institution tucked away in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Established as a women’s college in the late 1800s, it has seen significant growth and change from its original 168 students and 16 faculty.

Measuring a Major Gift Officer’s Effectiveness

Accountability. That is the name of the game these days in the world of fundraising.

The stakes are simply too high with an uncertain economy, possible shifts in tax laws pertaining to deductions for gifts to charity, growing competition for the philanthropic dollar and rising costs associated with hiring seasoned professionals with proper skills.

It’s All About The Data

In many development offices around the country, there are discussions concerning the need to clean up data in fundraising systems.  Donors are frequently “lost,” or at the very least offended, when data is misused or inaccurate.

It’s All About The Data

By John H. Taylor, Partner It seems that it was only 20 years ago that we felt that the only data we needed to effectively solicit donors and recruit volunteers was knowing where they lived and a home phone number.  Cell phone?  In 1997, I was the proud owner of a “bag phone”!  Gosh, thatRead More It’s All About The Data