Author: Jarrad Howard

Jarrad Howard, Campaign Strategy Studies Coordinator, brings his passion for non-profits and the arts to Alexander-Haas. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Brenau University, and as a member of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Jarrad’s background in music and theatre led him to development and fundraising.

Making Board Membership More Meaningful

  By: W. Milton Key, Jr., Partner In case it didn’t make it on your New Year’s resolutions list and you still have an open slot, add this one: make board membership more meaningful by helping them better understand the fundraising part of their role.   As fundraising professionals and nonprofit leaders, we are revenue drivers,… Read more »

Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

  By:  Nancy E. Peterman, Partner The first weeks of January have most likely been focused on ensuring that activities such as gift entry and acknowledgment letters are current. Now that the first two weeks of the year are behind us, it is a great time to tackle the following: Evaluate your year-end and holiday… Read more »

Double Check! It’ll Save Your Neck!

  By: Katie MacKenzie, Project Coordinator I’ve recently begun working with a client whose campaign reporting figures are…well….how to put it nicely….never accurate. And, I don’t mean a mistake here or there, every campaign update report we receive has multiple errors and each time I receive the report, it takes me quite a bit of… Read more »

2016: Invest Anew In Your Fundraising Staff

By: W. Milton Key, Jr., Partner I recently attended a luncheon that featured two generations of a remarkable, humble family that has earned the reputation as a leading philanthropic family in Dallas.  The family patriarch stated in his remarks to the audience that the dictionary definition of philanthropy is antiquated, in his opinion. Based on… Read more »

Let’s Get Personal

By: Jerry W. Henry, Partner “As a development director, how do I maintain a personal life in the midst of my hectic schedule?” Yet another development professional asked me the question that I believe many of us struggle to answer in a satisfactory manner. The issue of successfully building the proper work-life balance can be… Read more »

The “Right” Way

By: Mark Belcher, Partner I’ve been thinking about doing things “right” a lot recently.  And yes, I know that can go in many, many directions.  Often there are lots of ways to do any given task, and I firmly believe that smart people find ways to complete the job at hand, but let’s look at… Read more »