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2016: Invest Anew In Your Fundraising Staff

By: W. Milton Key, Jr., Partner I recently attended a luncheon that featured two generations of a remarkable, humble family that has earned the reputation as a leading philanthropic family in Dallas.  The family patriarch stated in his remarks to the audience that the dictionary definition of philanthropy is antiquated, in his opinion. Based on… Read more »

Let’s Get Personal

By: Jerry W. Henry, Partner “As a development director, how do I maintain a personal life in the midst of my hectic schedule?” Yet another development professional asked me the question that I believe many of us struggle to answer in a satisfactory manner. The issue of successfully building the proper work-life balance can be… Read more »

The “Right” Way

By: Mark Belcher, Partner I’ve been thinking about doing things “right” a lot recently.  And yes, I know that can go in many, many directions.  Often there are lots of ways to do any given task, and I firmly believe that smart people find ways to complete the job at hand, but let’s look at… Read more »

Advisory Groups: Fundraising’s Flux Capacitors

  By: W. Milton Key, Jr., Partner In recent days, many of us were reminded of the pop culture significance of October 21, 2015, as the destination date for Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown, in the film Back To The Future II. Whether it’s time travel or the search for resources to sustain and… Read more »

Increasing Meeting Productivity

  By: Heather Thornton, Project Manager Have you ever been in a meeting that seemed to drag on and on, with no end in sight?  Or perhaps you may have participated in a call that was not so much long as it was unproductive?  I was recently involved in a volunteer effort which required weekly… Read more »

Too Many Meetings? It’s Not Just You

  By: Jerry W. Henry, Partner It’s not just you. There really has been an increase in the number of meetings in which we’re asked to participate. A research report conducted during the past year explores the various meetings in which company employees are involved and the various ways in which they participate. In this particular… Read more »

Going, Going, Gone!! What to do with a Runaway Volunteer

By Katie MacKenzie, Project Coordinator Volunteers are vital to every non-profit organization. We rely on them to help us do everything from volunteering a few hours of their time, to helping with a project, to assisting us in raising money during annual, capital or stewardship campaigns.  We also rely on them to spread their drive… Read more »

Now or Later: Helping Your Board Members

  During my college days, I was a master of procrastination when it came to writing papers. There’s nothing like a deadline to get the “creative juices” flowing, to heighten focus and to ramp up stress!! For the most part, I’ve tried to gain better time management skills the older I’ve become. But I still… Read more »