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Best of Web: Employee Giving Campaigns

While mostly a lament about the plight of junior faculty, John Warner’s provocative blog on Inside Higher Ed also questions employee giving campaigns. A fellow professor’s tweet, is cited by Warner as being at the heart [...]

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Best of the Web: Software Replacement

This post will not discuss specific vendors or products. No doubt you already know what I am talking about simply because you are hearing from your current vendor. Rather, I want to focus on whether you need to change at all.

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Team Member Spotlight: Judy Anderson

Meet Judy Anderson, Project Director for Alexander Haas! In this month’s Team Member Spotlight, Judy shares what she loves about working with museums and arts organizations, current industry trends and what brought her to Alexander Haas. 

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A Conversation about Community Engagement Curators

An increasing number of museums and cultural centers are adding community engagement curators (CECs) to their staffs to build two-way conversations about how to make our work more relevant to our neighbors and to give them a voice in what we do within and outside the museum walls.


O.K., so it’s not really fake news. But most folks keeping up on current events over the last year would think colleges are hoarding millions and even billions of dollars that could be used to help students and their families offset the increasing cost to attend. Although that is not the case...

Why I Give: The Personal History of a Citizen Historian

Data collected by the Humanities Indicators Project of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences shows that current public funding for the humanities through the National Endowment for the Humanities and state humanities councils approaches $175-million.

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