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What Shape is Your Donor Pyramid?

Many of us came up in a world of fundraising where we talked about the pyramid of giving. This was the concept that most nonprofit constituencies resemble a pyramid when you stack the number of donors at each giving level. A great deal of traditional fundraising theory and strategy is based on this concept. That is all well and good if your donor base is a classic pyramid. But, what if it’s not?

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Dealing with the “80/20” rule: Why not take all of me?

The athletic seating deduction/counting issue arising from the recently passed tax legislation disallows 80% of the tax-deductible “gift.” This means athletic departments now require individuals to pay for the privilege of purchasing season tickets.

Grace and Civility—University President Teresa A. Sullivan’s Leadership

The eighth and first female president of the University of Virginia, Teresa A. Sullivan, is completing her last few weeks on the job.  It is hard to believe that an institution as old as UVA (founded 1819) has only had eight presidents; however, its founder did not see the need for the position.

Team Member Spotlight: John Taylor

Meet John Taylor, Partner with Alexander Haas! As a Partner, John applies his extensive background in development to serve a wide variety of clients.

Good News from Giving USA and VSE

With continued growth of the economy and the rise in the stock market, the wind has been at our backs.  I have to believe that continuing investments in advancement programs and, specifically development, have helped education to take advantage of that wind being at our backs.

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