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The Growth of Grateful Patient Programs

In health care, development leaders and teams can’t depend on a winning football team or wealthy alumni to create a natural pipeline for ongoing philanthropic support. Organizations are turning to, and in many cases increasing fundraising efforts around, “grateful patients”.

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Crowdfunding: Passing Fad or Foundational Fundraising Tactic?

Is crowdfunding the way of the future? The verdict is still out. Several factors drive whether or not crowdfunding is right for your organization and campaign.

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Leadership: Pending Crisis Equals Opportunity

A 2016 study conducted by the Concord Leadership Group finds that 77% of nonprofit organizations do not have leadership succession plans nor are they focused on developing new leaders.

Team Member Spotlight – David King, President & CEO

In this month's Team Member Spotlight, David shares what he loves most about his job, the book that made the greatest impact on his career and a hidden talent few people know. In his 25 years at Alexander Haas, David has provided fundraising counsel to hundreds of organizations.

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Nonprofit Feasibility Studies – A Cautionary Tale in Best Practices

I recently read an article on npEngage about the value of planning studies. And while the author makes some very interesting and relevant points, one thing to consider, however, is: What information you will get back from this process?

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